- Splitters / Couplers
- Attenuators
- Patch cords & cable assemblies
- Enclosures
- Termination Kits
designed to transition multi fiber trunk cables to multiple types of standard connector interfaces: ST, FC, SC, SC-Duplex, MT-RJ, LC, MU etc.
Plates available loaded or unloaded; multiple types of adapters in one plate
Snap Packs designed to transition or couple modular MTP or MPO style trunk cables to multiple types of standard connector interfaces
Outstanding performance over 1310, 1490, 1550 nm wavelengths - low insertion loss, excellent uniformity
Contained in compact lightweight cassette - all components Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 compliant
All-mechanical compression fit yields hermetic seal with high reliabilty
Universal Installation Tool for all major fiber optic connector types: ST, SC, LC, FC, SP, SMA
High temperature - tested and qualified for Mining & Oil Exploration, Aerospace, Security

IMT Field Installable Kits & Connectors

IMT Universal Installation Tool:

    Fiber Optic Termination Kit for
LC, ST, SC, SP, FC, SMA connectors

IMT Fiber Optic Connectors:

     LCST/ SC,   SP,   FC,   SMA

Product Applications:
    Data / Telecom / FTTx
    Mining / Oil / Industrial
    Aerospace / Medical / Security

Ideal for Field Installation and quick repair, suitable for Harsh Environment
NIAGARA Video Streaming Media
a division of Valdor Fiber Optics, Niagara is the global leader in video streaming hardware and software
the versatile product line can stream MPEG2, H.264, HD video in multiple, simultaneous resolutions and bit rates to set top boxes, mobile devices and computers
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Featured Fiber Optics Products
IMT Universal Termination Kit
- single tool for all fiber optic connector types
- all-mechanical, field installable

SMA Fiber Connector
- high power applications – NO epoxy /gel
- NO signal interference – NO hot spots

Valdor's SMA Connector (Sub Miniature version A)

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