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Valdor's Impact Mount® fiber optic connector line (IMT) is all-mechanical and field installable. It offers long-term usage with minimal repair or replacement, and is suitable for harsh environments. These connectors contain NO epoxy or index matching gel typically found in other mechanical connectors available on the market. The mounting concept is based on dynamically compressing metal ferrules uniformly around optical fibers creating a hermetic seal. The unique features of the IMT connectors provide stable readings with little variation even in harsh environments. Field termination is quick and easy. The Impact Mount® Termination Hand Tool is universal and can be used for all types of IMT fiber optic connectors including LC, ST, SC, FC, SP, and SMA.
HeptoPort KSC Multi-Channel Connector (7-fiber Pigtail, Patchcord and Cable Fan-out)
Valdor's high-density HeptoPort® KSC 7-Fiber Pigtail, Patchcord and Cable Fan-out is the newest HeptoPort® product being introduced to the industry based on the Company’s patented and proven IMPACT MOUNT® (IMT) Technology. These multi-channel products are terminated with HeptoPort® KSC connectors. Each connector has a precision alignment key for fiber-to-fiber two dimensional (2D) self-alignment. The KSC products are compatible with any existing standard SC bulkhead adapters and are ideal for high-density panel applications. Panel capacity can be increased up to 7x with significant cost savings. The new HeptoPort® products offer the highest density per surface area.

  • fusion splice application
  • increase panel capacity up to 7x
  • no change in infrastructure
  • ideal for limited space
  • cable spool application
  • cable fan-out application

  • Data / Telecom
  • Central Office & Hub
  • Airport & Intersection cameras
  • Aerospace / Military
  • Mining
  • Industrial
fiber optic LC Connector
Impact Mount® Technology Concept
The mounting process is accomplished in three steps:
  1. Impact Mount tool dynamically compresses the metal ferrule tip around the fiber
  2. Crimps buffer at the rear of the connector
  3. Polishes end of ferrule in 20 seconds
Note: Additional crimping for Kevlar cables provides further stability and strength.
Product Specifications

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