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Mechanical Fiber Optics technology interconnection for new market applications
(EP&T September, 2011)

A cost effective alternative to conventional fiber optics connectivity. No epoxy or index matching gel, quick and simple assembly process...
ideal solution in harsh environments where space limitation, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration are difficult parameters to accomodate

Optical Networking Stocks Emerge as Wall Street Darlings
(marketwire Feb. 14, 2011)

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) - Optical Networking Stocks have been on a tear for the last month. The surge in shares across the industry has largely been attributed to the reemergence of the once maligned JDS Uniphase. Last week JDSU hit a new five-year high and brought the whole industry up with it. The Bedford Report examines the Optical Networking Industry and provides research reports on JDS Uniphase Corporation (NASDAQ: JDSU) and Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR)...
MarketSmart on Valdor:
March 2011 - Fibre Optics Industry & Valdor Technology (profile and links)
June 2010 - Investment Highlights & Opportunities

  • Very strong product and sales pipeline for future business that could lead to significant revenue gains
  • Currently introducing state-of-the-art products to meet demand for high-end fiber optic equipment
  • Management’s primary focus – growing, retaining, and expanding market share
  • Excellent growth potential in the fiber optic market and communications (voice and data); increasing reliance on high speed fiber optics as the transportation medium
  • Limited competition – Valdor has the ability to customize orders; its product operates in all conditions, including extreme
  • A specific Valdor product (passed initial testing) has been purchased by large US defense contractors and could lead to significant sales/revenues
  • Significant growth opportunities across all business sectors as networks are upgraded and expanded
  • Commitment to minimize share dilution and maximize shareholder value
Valdor Technology Int’l Inc. receives favorable report review: TMB RESEARCH Toronto
" Valdor Technology is a niche player in a potentially large niche market. The company has outlined a specific and aggressive strategy to boost sales and enhance shareholder value. With several patents, well-heeled, long-term investors, and leading-edge technology, Valdor seems well-positioned to mark a path to profitability."
Valdor Technology: Making Fiber Optics What It Was Meant To Be... FAST
(Victor Goncalves: Equities & Economics January 22, 2009)
Fiber optics revolutionized many things like the internet and cable by speeding up the rate the information is transmitted by increasing bandwidth... Valdor has developed what others have thought to be impossible, and because of that, they were able to get a process patent...
Valdor Technology: A Much Better Mousetrap       (PDF letter)
(James West - January 14, 2009 - resourcexinvestor)
Every once in a while, industries are set on the ear by the arrival of a new technology that is so revolutionary, it changes the very rules of the game in which it plays. Such a scenario is emerging in a more or less unromantic and unpublicized market: Fibre Optic Connectors - and Valdor Technology International (TSX.V:VTI) is driving the revolution...
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