Corporate: Valdor Track Record
Today, service providers compete with great pressure to maximize revenue through a wide variety of service offerings. Their ability to decrease costs, and increase margins and consumer value through efficient network management has led to an industry service trend known as "triple play". The deployment of broadband access networks bringing optical fibre near or to the customer premises (FTTx) and new in-home distribution technologies are integral to this evolution. Valdor is setting the standard for deployment of fibre to the home allowing service providers to migrate their services; voice, video and data. Valdor takes pride in high quality infrastructure for the last mile of FTTx deployment. Building partnerships with carriers and large enterprise will facilitate installation of the highest quality fibre networks.

Valdor has successfully incorporated proprietary manufacturing techniques into our core product offering. With nearly 15 patents (either granted or pending), combined with multiple offshore manufacturing sites, Valdor is uniquely positioned to accommodate the most stringent, high volume requirements. Our technology includes the fused biconical tapered process, which adheres to all Telecordia GR-1209 & GR-1221 requirements. The DWDM product line, based on thin film filters, meets Telecordia requirements. The attenuator product utilizes a patented all fiber approach which meets the most difficult industry specifications Telecordia GR-910.

What makes Valdor competitive is a combination of factors starting with the overall value proposition the quality of its fibre optic solutions; the quality of its service and customer care; its delivery and time to market; its flexibility of network solutions and business focus. Valdor solutions are focused on customer needs. Flexibility is paramount in delivering quality networks and Valdor Management is proud to provide this.
imt-concept Impact Mount™ Technology Concept
The mounting process is accomplished in three steps:
  1. Impact Mount tool dynamically compresses the metal ferrule tip around the fiber;
  2. Crimps buffer at the rear of the connector;
  3. Polishes end of ferrule in 20 seconds.
Note: Additional crimping for Kevlar cables provides further stability and strength.
Impact Mount is a registered trademark of Valdor
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