Technologies o: Fiber Optics Overview - Impact Mount™ Technology, HeptoPort™, IMT Laser Pigtails
The opportunities for savings through the use of cloud-based services are substantial, but services such as video, email, document storage/sharing, and accounting software require stable and secure internet connections with high capacity. Many companies have set forth a strategy to deploy optical fibre in order to ensure stable broadband services. With quality fibre optic networks, new high capacity broadband services will help ensure that companies are ready for tomorrow's digital solutions.

Valdor products are designed to support these mission critical communications systems by ensuring each trunk cable, enclosure, drop cable, or custom application product, meets or exceeds the highest performance and durability requirements. In addition to the standard network products Valdor can also custom design, develop and manufacture services to meet specified requirements.
 Valdor Connectors & Enclosures: GREEN TECHNOLOGY
Valdor's product line - suitable for harsh environment and quick field installation - is also remarkably environmentally friendly:

Valdor specializes in the development and manufacture of application specific products for harsh environments. Valdor has the resources, expertise and talent, to design, develop, manufacture, install and maintain products ideally suited for specified applications.
IMT is a radial compression fit of a ductile metal around a cylindrical glass surface. The need to metallize optical fiber is eliminated by Impact Mount™ Technology (IMT). The IMT is a unique, patented design that assures reliable terminations time after time by securing the glass fiber within the metal ferrule. Attachment of metal ferrules to the fiber(s) occurs in one fast mechanical action. This action, called the impact, occurs between the stripped fiber and the ferrule using a precision impact mount die. For a single fiber operation, the result easily creates a hermetic seal between the fiber and the ferrule.     more >>
A progeny of IMT, HeptoPort™ represents a major manufacturing breakthrough for scalable low cost self-aligned, multi-port optical component design.    more >>
Suitable for high power application, Valdor IMT Laser Pigtail technology provides hermetic seal without metallization and heat dissipation through metal ferrule as a few of the wide range of benefits resulting from the applications of IMT.    more >>
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