Resources 1: Fiber Optics Industry News & Information
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(Photonics Spectra)
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(Lightwave magazine)

How The Traffic Flows
series of articles from Popular Science magazine online, describing the global Internet and the role of fiber optics...

100 Gigabit Ethernet Leader in Two Years
standard is expected to complete in 2010... Verizon has said it is going to 100Gbps this year...

Ultra-Broadband's Economic Bounty
Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg discusses investment in fiber networks to revolutionize the way we live, and revitalize our cities...

About Fiber Optics:
Fiber Optics Forecast:
Telecommunications evolving at speed of light
Working to meet demand for broadband capacity

(Vancouver Sun digital feature articles)
Global Fiber Optic Traffic Map
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*NOTE: at time of writing (2005), this article correctly listed SMA connector as obsolete; SMA Connectors now seeing a resurgence in the Medical field due to validation for high power application °
Fiber Based LANs - Application Profiles
(FOLS: Fiber Optics Lan Section)
Case histories profiled discuss how optical fiber is used in specific applications and touch on why network designers selected a fiber-based solution
FTTH Success Stories


Fiber To The Home / Premises
(Fiber Optic Association)
Overview and Tutorial: FTTH / FTTP / FTTx...

FTTH Primer
(Broadband Properties)
Fiber-To-The-Home online book
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Expand Fiber Capacity with WDM
(CIO Today)
technology allowing independent and simultaneous data streams to be transmitted over a single fiber-optic connection using different wavelengths, or colors of light...

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