market 1: Fiber Optics Mining & Oil Explorations
Fiber optic technology in the mining industry has progressed rapidly in the last few years, especially for the development of fiber optic sensor applications. The use of fiber optic technology to monitor mine atmosphere is a perfect fit for Valdor’s unique rugged interconnection products. Valdor Impact Mount™ (IMT) product lines do not require any electricity for installation and do not create potential fire hazard. Because they are all-mechanical with no epoxy or index matching gel, installers do not have to worry about hazardous chemical fumes or the long term effect under harsh environment.

Fiber optic systems used for the exploration of oil and gas have to withstand some of the most harsh environments. The advantages gained by using an optical communication system over conventional wire cables include higher per channel data rate capability, immunity to electromagnetic interference, lower cable weight, elimination of fire hazard due to electrical shorting, and potentially lower cost. For some data link applications, multi-fiber bundles of medium and high loss fiber are utilized. Valdor’s breakthrough HeptoPort™ 7-fiber bundle is the alternative for a lower cost solution.

Valdor is currently marketing a high temperature IMT connector for both mining and oil exploration applications using the SP connector that has been designed specifically for the harsh environment. It has been successfully tested and qualified for off-shore oil platform. Both rigid and flexible housing are available for harsh environment and high temperature applications.
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